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Five Star review from Amazon...

"I was out of books and found this book at a great price. From what I can tell Matt Elham is new to writing and for me brings a fresh, exciting and fun approach to a type of book that has become for many stale and boiler plate. When Matt Elham is discovered/realized I know he will become a name like Peterson, Child, Clancy, Coonts, Sliva, etc.

The book is a complete with all the important issues resolved and Matt leaves you cleverly realizing that this book is the foundation for many more, or at least I hope so!

This book focuses on story and characters and not some of the minutia that the internet has plagued some of our modern writers distracting from the story. I have been most places in this book and it seems well researched. His characters have guns not Springfield Armory XD 40's or H&K whatevers with whatever....

The seemingly separate story lines quickly start to weave this intricate fabric of a story together whether you catch it from the early clues or not. Every page brings a new insight or surprise. This book will make sure that you have a full charge on your reader because you don't want to be left hanging.

Purchase Ignoble quickly before they bump up the price. It is worth much more than what they are charging."

Another five star review from Amazon:

"A few years ago, whenever I found myself on an airplane, and it was often in those days, I was invariably seated near someone who was reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code: A Novel. Matt Elham's Ignoble: A Conspiracy Thriller could and should be the next novel to gain that status.

From the seedy sidestreets of New York to the sweltering jungles of western Africa to the elegant boardrooms of some of the wealthiest and most influential multinational corporations in the world, Elham takes us on a fast-paced dizzying roller-coaster of a tale that is both preposterous yet believable, humorous yet dramatic, simple yet complicated.

This story was brought to my attention because of my love for, and interest in, things African. In the past ten years I have called southern Africa home for at least half the time, and have traveled the continent extensively. Other than the fact that it concerned Africa and mining, and deducing that the title obliquely referred to that noblest of, I had no clue to the plot beforehand. I won't infringe on your own sense of discovery by divulging it now.

The term "page-turner" is so cliche but it truly applies here. Every chapter, I had to keep going because I wanted to see what happened next, right up to the end. Some of the characters you'll love, some you'll love to hate, but all of them are multidimensional well-rounded people with reasons to be as they are and act as they do. There are plenty of surprises in here, though, and the best kind...the ones where you go "Yeah, I should have seen that coming, but I didn't."

My only complaint? It ended too soon.

I'm sure that Mr. Elham has more surprises coming for us in the future."

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